John Hemming Trading Ltd - Open Banking Technical Services Provider

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John Hemming Trading Ltd is an Open Banking Technical Services Provider. That means that the business is not itself an Open Banking provider, but instead provides services to Open Banking providers such as primarily AISPs, PISPs and CBPIIs (but also to a limited extent ASPSPs). We do not offer an APIs service. What we offer is assistance to people who are or who wish to be Open Banking Providers. If you wish to be a Third Party Provider yourselves then come to us and we can help you do this. There is not a set list of prices because it all depends on what you want us to do. We can take a business from scratch and hold their hands through the process of getting regulatory approval, the technology in place and all that is required to offer Open BankingServices. If you already are an Open Banking provider we may be able to help you even with as simple a thing as testing out either your Sandbox or Production systems. We are associated with Cirrostratus Exedra Ltd which is why we can assist with production live proving.

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